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Exciting Plans & Expansion for 2023

Happy (Almost Spring) March 2023!

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer days and bird songs in the mornings. I know it’s going to take a while for all this snow to melt, but I’m feeling Spring in the air and loving it! I have some important and exciting updates to share with you regarding plans at Melanie Metz Massage for the coming year. Please read the details below about new therapists joining the team, service options, price increases and more.

1. Lowry Rose Studio Update – I am all settled in and loving my new studio space in the Lowry Rose Building in the Uptown area on Minneapolis! Business has continued to be steady and I have enjoyed welcoming many new clients over the past few months. THANK YOU to ALL of You! Both new and repeat clients! I appreciate you.

a. Front Door CODE REMINDER – If your appointment is scheduled in the evening, the front door of the building may be locked when you arrive. Use the CODE listed in your confirmation and reminder emails to enter the door. I also try to text everyone shortly before they arrive with the code as a reminder. If you need to contact me while I’m in the studio, the best option is TEXT to (612) 760-3076.

2. New Massage Therapists Coming Soon – I am very excited to share that I will soon be expanding by adding a couple more top notch Massage Therapists to my team! This will allow you to schedule a massage with shorter notice. Currently, my calendar has been filling up almost a month out, which can make it tough when you really need to get in sooner for pain or stress relief. With more practitioners on the team, clients will be able to either select a specific therapist (including me) or whoever is available when you need to get in. I hope to have 2 new therapists hired by early April! When they are available, you will see options to choose a therapist when scheduling online.

4. Discounts and Specials – As any specials or discounts become available, I will post them on my website and/or send an email. If you have questions or requests regarding rates, discounts and offers available, please contact me via email.

5. Professional Services Options – As a reminder, there are a variety of modalities available to try at Melanie Metz Massage. In addition to Advanced Therapeutic Massage, I am also trained in Shiatsu, Cupping, Gua Sha, Reiki, CranioSacral, Connective Tissue Release, Assisted Stretching and Holistic Abdominal Relief Therapy (HART Method Maya Abdominal). All modalities can be quite healing for the body and mind on many levels. If you are curious about anything, please email ask at your next session or send me an email. I often integrate various techniques to meet your specific needs.

a. ADD-ONS: Add-on services options are available at the time of scheduling if you want to add an extra 15 minutes of Cupping, Reiki, Craniosacral, Assisted Stretching or other options listed. CBD Topical is also available for an added cost to help with pain relief.

6. Payment Options – You may have noticed that you can choose to pay in full at the time of scheduling a session online, or pay at the time of your session. The sales tax is already included in the rate you see listed, so no additional taxes or fees will be added when you checkout online or in person. For now, the option will still remain to pay online or in person. If you pay online and end up needing to cancel with appropriate notice (more than 24 hours), you will have the option to either reschedule or be refunded.

a. NOTE: You CAN use your Health Savings Account (HSA) card for session payments, or send receipts into your HSA for reimbursement.

7. Feeling Uncomfortable About Tipping Options? – When you pay online or in person, you do have the option to add a tip if you wish. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to leave a tip. While tips are always appreciated, please do what you feel is best and what fits your budget. I do not judge either way and I don’t want you to feel any pressure. I never expect a tip! I believe massage and bodywork is important for self-care and overall health. I want it to be as accessible as possible for everyone, but I know it doesn’t always fit the budget (same for me!). Maybe someday health insurance will actually cover therapeutic massage services (fingers crossed!).

8. Scheduling Online - If you have any trouble scheduling online or would like to be on a waiting list for a session that opens up sooner, please send me an email at: or text me at (612) 760-3076.

Well, I think that’s enough information to share for now! I will keep you updated on the arrival of the new massage therapists and tell you all about them when it’s time. I’m so excited about building a talented team of professional therapists with a variety of skills and availability to help meet even more needs of everyone who enters the healing space at Melanie Metz Massage.

Stay warm, safe and healthy!

With Much Gratitude,

Melanie Metz


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