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“Melanie Metz has earned my trust as one of my care providers and I give her the highest possible recommendation. Melanie is a great example of a master of healing. She listens carefully to what I have to say is going on in my body and my life, asks questions and skillfully provides therapies that are not only highly effective, but also highly respectful of my body.  The specific issue that caused me to come to Melanie's practice had resisted other therapies. Melanie was able to provide noticeable relief after the first session and after a few more sessions the issue was well on its way to complete resolution. My experience is my well-being has significantly improved since I put myself in Melanie's very capable hands.” - Barry B.
"If this is something you would like to explore, I would like to highly recommend the Hart Method - Maya Abdominal as a way of providing much needed relief such as digestive issues. Don't be afraid if you are thinking this is something you want to explore. I used this and felt much better as a result. Melanie is an excellent massage therapist who is truly dedicated. She is not afraid to listen to your concerns, ask questions and provide much needed relief through massage. She had success helping me with a shoulder where others had not. I would not hesitate to refer others to Melanie for her wonderful work." - John S.
"Melanie gave me one of the best massages that I have ever had. She is truly highly recommended by me. I get a massage at least once a month for the past 30 years, and I am happy that I found her." - Paul A.
"Melanie was attentive to my issues, and really gave a fantastic, pain relieving massage. She's very knowledgeable and uses various techniques to help. I highly recommend her." - Jean J.
"Melanie is absolutely the best massage therapist in the Twin Cities! She is very detailed and skilled. I will definitely come back and recommend her to anyone." - Maria F.
"Melanie is a great therapist combining both East and West traditions to address issues. I have been seeing Melanie for my upper back, shoulders and arms. I have been a Myofascial Therapist for 23 years and my upper body is in need of constant care. I am so grateful for her work. She has given me an appreciation for Shiatsu and Cupping. My right shoulder and arm have released dramatically with the sessions we have had. I highly recommend her 1 1/2 hour or 2 hour sessions. The extra time will allow her to incorporate the different traditions. Like me, you will be glad you did." - Ross B.
"Melanie is a fantastic listener and tailors every massage to her clients needs at that moment. I always leave feeling relaxed and grateful, looking forward to my next massage. I could not be happier with each session."            - Mary G.

"It's amazing how one can go through life not knowing something amazingly wonderful exists that can change you in a positive way, both mentally and physically.  And if you are fortunate to find it, your life can be transformed.  It turns out, Melanie's "Maya Abdominal Massage" is that special, wonderful change agent that's been available but I had no idea existed.  Having experienced this transforming therapy, I can unequivocally state this is the change agent for me!   I sought Melanie's care for BPH, a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate.  "Getting up there" in years, I found myself struggling with many symptoms of BPH, including mild urgency, hesitancy, inconsistent flow of urine, and most troubling, the need to urinate 2-4 times per night.  I must say, her therapy is working wonders!  After just a few sessions with Melanie, I am waking just one time per night to void, and usually around 5 a.m. after sleeping restfully.  Additionally, the other symptoms have been minimized, all without medication! Melanie is a friendly, talented, and professional therapist.  I immediately felt comfortable with her pleasant personality and calm demeanor.  She clearly takes pride in providing a terrific service and does an extraordinary job.  I highly recommend her services!" - Paul

"Melanie was absolutely fantastic. During the discussion beforehand it was clear she was focused on learning what needed the most attention and work, and she was very responsive to what was said during that talk. The studio was clean and easy to relax in. She took care to use the right amount of pressure and kind of technique to make the massage effective without making it uncomfortable. I definitely plan to make it a monthly routine to visit Melanie." - Jack M.
"Melanie is a truly gifted massage therapist, using her professional training with a broad scope of healing modalities, and her positive energy to bring you deep peace. I'm so delighted to know her, and completely trust in her experienced hands!" - Janan J.
"Melanie really knows her stuff! I felt great leaving...definitely recommend her." - Deborah W.
"Great attention to detail and body signals, able to use needed very deep pressure, excellent communication and professional courtesy." - Steven G.
"Melanie's technique is marvelous." - Tamra H.
“Melanie treats the whole person, mind/body/soul. I've received a variety of treatments from Melanie over the years, and I always get what I need, whether it's a feeling of peace, motivation, mental clarity, treatment for back pain or digestive issues...the list goes on. I can't recommend Melanie enough!” - Maggie R.
“I trust Melanie's spiritual development, knowledge, and sensitivity to others...a perfect formula. I highly recommend her!” - Jerry W.
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