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Spontaneous Healing Is Real!

Do you find that the more you witness healing miracles, the stronger you believe that anything is possible? I do. I love stories of people who recover suddenly from an incurable "dis-ease" or mystery pain. Better yet, I love witnessing it! A couple weeks ago I saw it first hand. I watched a client release, in an instant, pain that had been haunting him constantly for over 40 years. I have heard of "spontaneous healing", but have never seen it first hand, until now. So, I want to share this story as a way to spread hope. My client has given me permission to share this. I will call him Dan.

What happened seemed so quick and so simple, but yet was deeply profound. It really made me think about our ability to allow ourselves to heal and the influence others can have on our healing ability, in both a negative and positive way.

So, here's what happened. We decided to do a little work on an old leg injury from an accident in 1975, when the IT band was torn and one of the quad muscles (Vastus Lateralis) was literally ripped partially off the bone. Dan has had constant pain or discomfort deep within and surrounding the injury site since the accident. He said it is usually at a level 3 or 4, but when the weather changes, it hurts at a level of 7 or 8. So, we wanted to see if massage could help reduce the pain. Massage can help scar tissue heal and bring in better blood circulation to muscular tissue in the area. Massage can also help release old emotion and trauma that is stored in the body, but I wasn't really focusing on this aspect initially. The body decided where it wanted to go and led us to what was needed.

When I gently applied very light pressure over the old injury site, Dan's body jumped. Not just his leg, but his whole body. It wasn't the pain, it was the emotional guarding and fear that caused the jump. So, I waited a little longer and asked his body to allow some healing. I explained that massage was safe and would help. Then Dan stated "the doctor told me it would never heal". This was over 40 years ago! And in that moment, I knew that is why his pain had never subsided. The doctor told him it never would. And he believed it.

I asked him to let go of that old belief, that the doctor was wrong, that his body and his leg CAN heal. I simply asked to release this old thought and to open to healing. Suddenly his leg felt calmer, and it let me place my hand on the injury without fear, without jerking, without pain. I laid my hand gently over the scar and applied some light effleurage, while asking the body to release the trauma it was holding onto. Dan fell asleep while I was doing this. I was amazed, because moments ago he was afraid and resisting and in pain. Now he was sound asleep in an instant! I felt the trauma release. I can't explain how, I just felt it. Somehow I knew his body was ready to let go and to allow itself to heal, and it did.

I only worked with the injury for about 10 minutes during the entire session. After the work was done, Dan woke up. When he stood up, he said he felt no pain in his leg. There was no pain! He was surprised. I was surprised! I really didn't do much in regards to massage techniques. No serious CFF or intense Trigger Point release. There was more happening on the energetic and emotional levels. And within that short 10 minutes, years of constant pain had dissolved.

So, what happened next? I often wonder. Does it last or does it come back a few hours later, days later, months later? Well, this time it lasted, at least until this moment, and his leg is STILL free of pain! In fact, only two days after the session, there was a major weather change (from mild to very cold, as winter hit) and Dan said he felt no pain in his leg or the injury site during the arctic blast, or following. Wow. I am so happy for him!! And I feel so grateful to be witness of the miracle of the human body to heal. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle touch and a few kind words.

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