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Pain Relief with Therapeutic Massage

Do you deal with chronic pain? Do you wake up with a sore back, stiff neck or experience daily headaches? Did you know that massage can help that pain go away, long term? I'm often amazed that so many people deal with daily pain and are not aware that therapeutic massage might be the answer. Certainly it won't always be what works. Of course it depends on each individual situation and what the source of the pain is. But, it's worth a try! It can be much more effective and healthier than taking a daily pain pill or getting a cortisone shot. Did you know cortisone shots can actually damage your tissue?

Our bodies take a beating over the years, from so many things...such as minor falls, motor vehicle accidents, repetitive actions (like being on the computer all day), overuse injuries, sports injuries, inactivity, and even just sleeping on your side without the right pillow. Life is tough!! These various events can result in chronic areas of tension and trigger points in your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascial layers). These tension patterns can result in local pain, referral pain, pinched nerves, numbness and other issues. One way to help the tissue release tension and pain & regain flexibility and health is through massage. Many people think massage is a luxury and just for relaxation. Trust me, it's not! It's much more, and can be the key to healing from chronic pain issues. Just ask some of my clients. Not everyone goes into a Zen state during a massage on my table.

Sometimes therapeutic massage can be a little uncomfortable. But it doesn't have to hurt...too much. And it's definitely worth a little discomfort when those daily headaches go away...and STAY AWAY! Also, stop thinking "No pain, no gain" when it comes to therapeutic, or "deep tissue", massage. If the therapist knows what they are doing, they will warm up the area and gently work deeper into the tissue as needed. We don't want your body to fight back and resist the work by digging in too deep, too fast.

If you are dealing with areas of pain in your body, try a therapeutic massage session. Let the therapist know what's bothering you and request an "area specific" therapeutic session. Depending on the therapist, a variety of techniques may be used. For example, I may use a mix of trigger point, myofascial release, deep tissue, assisted stretching, gua-sha, cupping, craniosacral...or other modalities that would be best for your situation. Therapeutic massage might just be what you need to live a healthier life with less pain.

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