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A COVID-19 Note to My Clients

Dear Clients,

Wow. Times are changing quickly in our World right now. I truly hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I have been personally going through a wide range of emotions, eating too many cookies at times, and finding time to reflect and decide how to move forward. I have some big announcements to make regarding Melanie Metz Massage Therapy.

I love the work I do as a Massage Therapist and truly value each and every one of you. It has been an honor to work together in treatments, finding what helps make your body feel better. I will not be shutting my doors forever, but some big changes are being made and I will be shut down for a significant period of time. Currently, the MN governor still has Massage Therapy practices shut down per executive order, and this will likely be extended soon. This influences my decisions in part, but there are many other factors at play. Please read the rest of this message to understand how I have come to my decisions, and what those decisions are.

I understand that many people have different opinions right now, regarding how long we should stay in isolation vs. going back to work and getting the economy back on it's feet. I understand both sides. I am not choosing a side, but I must make some big decisions using the knowledge and professional resources I have regarding the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Of course, the current policies have caused much strain on the economy and financial stability for many of us. As a small business owner, I can relate. It can be frustrating to be expected to continue paying rent or mortgages when we have been forced to shut down, and many forced out of their jobs. It just doesn't make sense sometimes, why we have to remain shut down. On the other hand, we are saving lives and helping the Health Care systems be able to handle this as best as possible, by flattening that curve.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science and Chemistry, so I understand where many health professionals are coming from in their current recommendations. I also personally know several people in the front lines battling COVID-19. I know an emergency room physician in Colorado, providing regular updates on his recommendations and what he is seeing and experiencing firsthand. I know someone locally in Minnesota who is part of Homeland Security and is literally on the COVID-19 task force here in Minnesota. He attends regular meetings with government officials and health care officials. He sees and knows much of what is happening at a much higher level than most of us. I have personally heard specific facts that are not fun to hear, not only regarding our current situation, but also what to expect over the next year.

I realize some people also think this virus is a hoax or simply not dangerous.

In the field of massage therapy, there are also a few well respected and top professionals who have been sharing valuable insights and recommendations for how to proceed in the business of massage therapy at this time. Basically, they are saying we are no where near ready to re-open in a safe way, even if we use PPE and strict cleaning procedures. This means, even when the government allows us to go back to work, we have to make a moral decision about what is best, and when it is actually appropriate to go back. In Massage Therapy, we see many clients who are in the higher risk category to become seriously ill and possibly die from COVID-19. We have many clients who have other serious health issues. When we become massage therapists we agree to "FIRST, DO NO HARM". To open up our practice again before proper testing has been done for EVERYONE and a vaccine or treatment is available, is taking a big risk and potentially putting our clients in harm's way.

After reflecting on all the information I have been given from a variety of professionals and personal acquaintances, it is with a sad heart that I tell you I will remain closed until at least September of 2020. In addition, I will be permanently closing my Champlin location. There is simply too much financial strain to attempt to keep 2 locations open at this time. I currently plan to keep my location open at Adagio Holistic Therapies (starting Sept) in South Minneapolis. If you have an appointment scheduled in May or June, I will be cancelling those appointments. You will receive a cancellation email. If you purchased a 3 session massage package and do not want to wait until after September to use it, please contact me via email for a refund.

If you purchased a GROUPON or Living Social for the Champlin location over the holidays and have not yet used it, please contact Groupon directly for questions regarding a refund. That is not up to me. You need to contact Groupon directly.

If you are a current client in the Champlin area, you are welcome to schedule with me at Adagio in South Minnneapolis when that location re-opens. But I completely understand if you do not want to drive that far for a massage. There are other great massage therapists in the Champlin area. Have you ever tried Anoka Massage & Pain Therapy? I'm not sure when they will re-open, but here is their link:

You may notice that some Massage Therapy businesses will re-open as soon as the governor allows it. Please consider all facts when deciding whether or not to schedule your next massage. Do what you feel is best for your situation. I do know one therapist that is open part-time in Maple Grove after receiving an exception to the executive order from the governor. He does deep therapeutic work for pain and injuries. If you are in a situation where you really need some work now, you can find his contact info at his website: You will currently need to contact him directly by phone via text or phone call to schedule a session. If he says he is not seeing new clients, just tell him you were previously a client of Melanie Metz and he will see you.

Thank you for your business and your support. I truly wish the best for all of you.

Take Care,


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